How the Reactants are Obtained



Ammonia is obtained through the process of natural gas being converted in gaseous hydrogen.The method for producing hydrogen from hydrocarbons is referred to as “Steam Reforming”. After it is converted, the hydrogen is combined with nitrogen. This produces the chemical ammonia.

Nitric Acid:

There are several ways in obtaining nitric acid. Nitric acid is quite usually obtained by reacting nitrogen dioxide with water. Pure nitric acid is obtained by adding sulfuric acid to a nitrate salt, and heating the mixture with an oil bath. A condenser is used to condense the nitric acid fumes that bubble out of the solution.In laboratory, nitric acid can be obtained from copper (II) nitrate or by reacting equal amounts of a nitrate salt with 96% sulfuric acid. This mixture is then distilled at nitric acid’s boiling point of 83 °C until only a white crystalline mass, remains in the reaction vessel. The red fuming nitric acid obtained can be converted to white nitric acid.

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